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The warrior’s field guide
to spiritual readiness

Empower your spiritual journey with a new app built specifically for the military community.

In Pursuit of Spiritual Readiness

Operation Recon is a comprehensive and serious endeavor, requiring curiosity, discipline, and focus.

We’re in pursuit of spiritual readiness tailored specifically for U.S. military warriors. Start your journey through four missions and 12 unique patrols, featuring a reconnaissance of the book of Mark led by real veterans. The content includes true stories that guide you in discovering your true identity, providing a space for introspection and personal growth.

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Led by Real Veterans

Meet our team comprised of remarkable individuals who’ve served their country with valor and now dedicate themselves to guiding others through the battlefield of life. Each of our guides and guest have a unique story of service, sacrifice, and journey of faith. Dive into their stories, embark on a journey with them to discover more about identity, sacrifice and purpose.

Operation Recon Missions

Embark on a pursuit of spiritual readiness through four pivotal missions, guiding you to understand yourself, confront weaknesses, embrace sacrifice, and fulfill your purpose.
Mission 1

Boot Camp For The Soul

Discover Your True Identity

Spiritual readiness starts with understanding who you are and who you were born to be.

Life’s battles are challenging. We need to prepare. Your spiritual readiness training begins with a reconnaissance into identity and a confrontation with the claims of Jesus. It’s a boot camp for the soul.

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Mission 2

The War Within

Understand Your Imperfection

Life’s battles can only be won after we understand our own weaknesses.

We need to examine the problem beneath all the other problems. If we can nail down what that is, and how Jesus says we solve it, we can finally make real progress through life.

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Mission 3

The Cost

Sacrifice Your Self-Interests

A spiritually ready warrior has to make daily sacrifices. So, what exactly are you being called to give up?

When you took the oath you were willing to give your life. Check. But what about the other sacrifices we have to make? The daily ones we don’t always talk about. Like our control, our pride, and our overall self-interests. Not easy, right? God, though – well, he’s given us a guidebook.

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Mission 4

Called Up

Seize Your Purpose

Now, you can discover and live the purpose God commissioned for you, from the very beginning.

Yes, we all need to continue pursuing spiritual readiness. But, Jesus doesn’t save us only for training. He made each of us to be on mission with him in a world that desperately needs to hear the Good News…that life, real life, can be found in him.

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