Introducing Operation Recon

An immersive exploration of the Gospel of Mark designed for the Military community to encounter Jesus.

Breakthrough Cross-Industry Innovations

Operation RECON is a revolutionary, interactive new tool from Armed Services Ministry that leverages three culturally-relevant breakthrough technologies to overcome obstacles to reading and engaging God’s Word.

Deliver on-demand expert Bible curriculum

Captivating visual storytelling

Progress tracking within a compelling user interface

RECON has the potential for generation-changing impact in the Military and we hope you’ll join us in making it happen.

Overcoming Obstacles to Scripture Engagement

We live in an era of specialized media.
Transformational Scripture engagement through utilizing highly-tailored content personalized for the military community.
The Scriptures are challenging!
Credible Veterans serve as relatable guides that share insights and experiences have the potential to unlock the Bible for new users.
Distractions are everywhere.
Throughout the ages, humans have responded to storytelling. And our culture has been trained to engage in well-told, visual stories. RECON leverages the power of entertainment.
We are conditioned for experiences.
By building a best-in-class, interactive user experience, we create compelling tools that users return to again and again.
Perception today is that data = progress.
A contemporary user dashboard that measures progress drives further engagement and ongoing follow through.
Our schedules are 24h and chaotic.
RECON is on-demand and available as necessary. This allows for 24-hour access as well as user customization.
Requires consistency + encouragement.
RECON is habit-forming, well-paced, and measured ensuring ongoing progress in engaging God's Word.
Operation RECON Adapts Innovation to Engage the Military Community with the Gospel.
  • Expert, on-demand content
  • Paced for self-discovery
  • Expert-led + proven curriculum
  • Compelling storytelling
  • Engaging storytellers
  • Habit forming
  • Engaging user interface
  • Trackability
  • Virtual community

Operation RECON Pilot Launch in 2023

Armed Services Ministry works in partnership with Military Chaplains and the local church.